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Here are your three descriptions of a future for your topic. Use them to broaden your horizon, discover dead angles in your outlook, and learn about different perspectives. These questions will help you reflect on the scenarios:

  • What surprises you? What is new for you?
  • What have you heard before? Where?
  • Which future do you find most plausible? Why?
  • Which future would you prefer? What could you do to make it more likely?

Scenario 1
What if in this future, TikTok removes all videos that are older than one year. This decision derives from the latest research results where it became clear that people have difficulties in watching older videos because they feel outdated by seeing too much changes. This is caused by the human trait to focus on the new things. Additionally, the research has shown that the app takes up too much space in smartphone memory and this led TikTok to develop its own cloud storage solution.

Scenario 2
In this future, TikTok is now available on virtual reality devices and it allows users to enjoy fantasy worlds without leaving their homes. Due to the growing popularity of VR, TikTok has received additional funding from investors. The creators of TikTok are very excited by VR and they have great expectations for its future use.

Scenario 3
It's the year 2030 and TikTok is celebrating its 50th birthday. It is still considered the number one video app but new game apps have been getting more and more popular and thus TikToks popularity is slowly fading in the background. To keep the young generation interested in TikTok, several games were developed for the platform.

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