Third Wave

Future Scenarios Generator

This tool helps you imagine multiple futures for a topic, like healthcare or mobility. The scenarios will surprise and inspire you and help you broaden your horizon and discover dead angles.

We use a text-generating algorithm with a vast amount of pre-generated data, which means that we have no control over what the algorithm uses for the scenarios.
It enhances the point that the future is open until it becomes the present but also includes the risk that certain biases of the algorithm’s data can emerge.
Learn more about how the Generator works

Sorry, but the Scenario Generator is no longer available. The thing with AI technology is that it still costs real money to run it. So after a year of experiments, we have turned it off. We appreciate your interest.

How it works: You enter a topic like ‘logistics’ or ‘healthcare’ and hit the Generate-button. The generator will create three short scenario descriptions. You may share your favorite scenario and also let us know if the algorithm produced garbage via the Report-button.
Disclaimer: An algorithm will generate the scenarios, and while most of them are likely to be insightful, funny, or just random, some may also be offensive.