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With our product-thinking approach, we evaluate, design, and prototype 
 products, apps, and platforms. We look at technology and its applications from a strategic perspective across our customers’ context and produce innovative solutions to extend their agency. We understand products as solutions for a specific challenge and treat them as living entities within an organization, process, or workflow.

To discover and develop the right product for your context that creates the most valuable outcome, our approach has two phases: Product Finding and Product Delivery.

1 — Product Finding


We start by assessing your context, systems, and environment like markets and competitors to better understand your product’s requirements. Our particular focus is on your user, who’s needs we investigate with in-depth research and ethnological methods like interviews.


Based on our research insights and in close collaboration with you, your team, and relevant stakeholders, we define preferable outcomes for your product and its anticipated business performance from a strategic point of view. Methods like design thinking help us produce a host of fresh ideas and concepts to reach your goal from different directions and evade blind spots.


In an iterative process, we rapidly turn concept ideas into prototypes for you and your team to test and evaluate, including the probable effects on the people who are supposed to use them. Using the feedback, we optimize the concept and test it again until it meets the aspired product’s criteria and can go to the delivery phase.

Outcomes & Products

Ecosystem Mapping

We examine the bigger context of a product or service to map trends and developments like new technologies and products that provide you with inspiration and insights.

Example: A trends and market overview for a product of the Bibliographisches Institut (Duden)

Design Sprint In just 5 to 10 days, we proceed from an idea to a user-tested prototype to provide you with a proven concept, ready to be turned into a full product and implemented.
MVP With the help of rapid prototyping and methods like SCRUM and Kanban, we develop the Minimum Viable Product for your idea from scratch to prove itself in the real world.

2 — Product Delivery


From the information architecture and interaction design to embedding your product in its larger context, we develop our concepts holistically. Supported by our strategic design mindset and service design methods, we aim for the right mix of user experience, technological feasibility, and business value.


We build your product with the status quo of full-stack development, focusing on the product and seamless switching between front and backend in close coordination with your relevant teams, departments, and potential external partners.


We make sure that your product works well with your existing digital ecosystem and will train all relevant stakeholders in using it. As digital systems and business cases are continually evolving, we will support you in keeping them up-to-date and growing.

Outcomes & Products

Recruiting Dashboard

We have unique expertise in building custom reporting dashboards for your data.

Example: For an international German sports goods manufacturer, we’ve built an HR Reporting Dashboard with API Integration to SAP SuccessFactors.

Custom Product Development

Our custom-made digital products enable business cases, strengthen your internal infrastructure, and make your employees’ work more efficient.

Example: We’ve built a custom CMS for a German international discount supermarket chain to bridge content and workflows of two systems.

Apps & Websites

Do you need someone who can evaluate your idea and build it with modern methods and tools? Let us be your sparring partner.

Example: The global adidas career site

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