As strategy consultants, futures researchers and creative technologists, we help our clients gain agency, since 2010.


Strategic Design
Scenario & Strategic Foresight
Coaching & Mentoring
Organization design
Creation of narratives


Technology Assessment
Context Mapping
Field Research

Additionally, we offer
Workshops, Keynotes and Talks as well as Trainings and Seminars


Engineering of Prototypes
Architecture and conceptualisation for digital products
Technology Stack Assessment

Our Team

Igor Schwarzmann

Igor likes to see things in context. As a strategist in a complex world, he prefers a broad horizon instead of a one-sided specialization. He uses consulting and coaching to define new narratives and develop an individual approach.

Johannes Kleske

As a designer and futures researcher Johannes develops strategies for a constantly changing world. In his talks and seminars, he's promoting a confident and considered approach to the digital transformation.

Fabian Mürmann

Fabian is technologist and observes the usage as well as implications of technology & digital products in the given broader context. By engineering prototypes & proof of concepts he creates experiences, which in return allow our clients to make better decisions.

“Third Wave combines a deep understanding of culture, society, economics, and technology with a practical, straight-forward approach.”

Robert Stulle, Associate Partner - McKinsey Digital Labs