Third Wave does strategy consulting for the digital world.

Our Profile

We are a business consultancy from Berlin, Germany.
We develop strategies for the digital world.
We work at the intersections of business design, communications, innovation and trend forecasting.
We specialize in the challenges of a constantly changing world.

Our Services

We help our clients with communication strategies, product development and business models in a digital context.


Web, social media, mobile, CRM, analytics

Social Media Strategies
Platform & content, team setup, KPIs

Analysis & feedback for ideas & concepts

Community- & Social Media Management


Product Evaluation
Analysis, optimization, extension

Product Development
Workshops, concepts, integration of Social

Best practices, competitors, markets

Trend Research
Overview, scouting, reports


Business Models
Workshops, development, evaluation

Social Business Design
Corporate social media, enterprise 2.0

Competitor Evaluation
Products, processes, brands

Change Management
Team structures, process optimization

Our Approach

  1. Service scope – Developing strategies for a digital world
    The problems and solutions we deal in aren’t necessarily digital, but the context is. That’s the world we live in.
  2. Insight — Helping clients navigate change
    We help clients make sense of complexity, invigorate stale thinking, and find ways to implement new strategies.
  3. Perspective — Solving systemic problems
    We look towards the core of a business to find holes and gaps. In this way, we can ensure that solutions can be brought to fruition.
  4. Agility — Delivering unexpected solutions
    We take a multidisciplinary approach to projects, finding inspiration in widely varied fields.
  5. Mediation — Bringing everyone to the table
    We include multiple departments in the process to ensure that a strategy is comprehensive and that internal conditions are right for it to be implemented.
  6. Holistic benefits — Making companies more humane
    Though we’re focused on how a company operates in the digital world, our overarching goal is to help each client use technology in a way that helps them to become more humane.

Our Clients

We work for all kinds of clients. From early-stage startups, to Mittelstand companies, to big corporations. B2C and B2B. In Germany and five other countries on two continents.

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